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Condi: The Condoleezza Rice Story
Over 84,000 hardcover copies sold

Newmarket Press (2nd edition, 2005) |BUY|
Zondervan (2005) |BUY|
Pocket Books (paperback, 1st edition) |BUY|
Politicos (UK, 2005 |BUY|
Oasis Audio - Read by Author (CD & Cassette) Listen to clip |BUY|
Other editions: Large Print
Foreign editions: China, Korea, Turkey, Denmark, UK

.A pleasure to read.. .Washington Times

.A must-read for anyone serious about keeping tabs on the fast-paced political arena. Even readers with a disinterest in politics may find this success story compelling and hard to put down.. .The Star (Chicago)

Nominated for the New York Library Association Book of the Season/Summer 2005 Award

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Antonia Felix.s article on Rice in the Yorkshire Post, August 27, 2005

Wesley K. Clark: Biography by Antonia Felix

Wesley K. Clark : A Biography |BUY|
Newmarket Press (2004)

.Engaging . . . look for this book.s second edition.. .Publishers Weekly

Highly decorated Vietnam veteran, co-architect of the new Army and hero of the war in Kosovo as NATO.s Supreme Allied Commander, Wesley K. Clark is an icon in Europe who finally began to achieve high-profile, national recognition at home during the Democratic presidential primaries of 2003. President Clinton awarded him the Medal of Freedom and dozens of foreign countries lavished him with their highest honors.

Filled with insights from those who know him well, this biography tells the complex story of a remarkable American who has been hailed as one of the most talented and brilliant officers in the U.S. Army. First in his class at West Point, a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, Clark was among the Army.s .water walkers,. high-achieving officers whose performance sets them apart. Clark.s run for the Democratic nomination in 2003 launched a new phase in his career, highlighted now through his political action committee, WesPAC (

Laura Bush: Biography by Antonia Felix

Laura: America's First Lady, First Mother

8 weeks on the New York Times extended bestseller list
Over 120,000 hardcover copies sold

Adams Media (Hardcover, 2003) |BUY|
Adams Media (Paperback, 2003) |BUY|
Oasis Audio (CD) |BUY|
Oasis Audio (cassette) |BUY|

Publishers Weekly announced that Laura: America.s First Lady, First Mother was the first hardcover bestseller for Adams Media.

Read the story, .First Lady Bio is First Bestseller for Adams. at:
Publisher's Weekly

Biography of Christie Todd Whitman by Antonia Felix

Christie Todd Whitman |BUY|
Pinnacle (Paperback, 1996)

.The research you did on John [Whitman.s] grandfather was the best we have seen, and he and his family were fascinated.. .Christie Todd Whitman

The first biography of then-Governor Whitman, who in 1996 was the only woman governor in the United States.

Tony Deblois - Biography by Antonia Felix

Some Kind of Genius: The Extraordinary Journey of Musical Savant Tony Deblois |BUY|
Co-written with Janice DeBlois
Rodale Press 2005

The much-anticipated biography of the famous prodigious savant

Some Kind of Genius: The Extraordinary Journey of Musical Savant Tony Deblois, which I co-wrote with Tony.s mother, Janice DeBlois, was released by Rodale Press in 2005. Meeting and getting to know Tony was a life-changing experience. A classically trained pianist who primarily plays jazz today, Tony stands out among the rarest prodigious savants with his ability to compose music as well as perform pieces after hearing them only once.

Every step of Tony.s life.from his premature birth and struggle with autism and blindness to his graduation from the Berklee College of an amazing journey in itself. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the world.s leading expert on savants, Darold Treffert, M.D. (, for this book. Dr. Treffert, who was the consultant for the film Rainman starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, is close to Tony and his family and provided me with fascinating details about the savant syndrome in general and Tony.s case in particular.

I also spoke with many of Tony.s piano and music teachers who described his unique style of learning the keyboard, remarkable ability to replay complex pieces after one hearing, and much more.        
The heart of the story, as Tony.s teachers attest, is the role that music played in bringing Tony out of his shell and developing his ability to communicate with the world.

Janice and I are very proud of this book and hope that it will bring new insights to parents of autistic children and intrigue everyone interested in savant syndrome, music and extraordinary people.

Tony Deblois Tony autographing CDs for his fans after a performance.
Photo: A. Felix

Andrea Bocelli - Biography by Antonia Felix

Andrea Bocelli : A Celebration
St. Martin.s Press (Hardcover, 1999) |BUY|
St. Martin.s Press (Trade Paperback, 2001) |BUY|

.Those curious about the man and his music will find much to like here..

"Felix writes in lucid, unfussy journalistic prose. . . . The book is beautifully produced and richly illustrated with black-and-white as well as color photos.. editorial review

Harry Connick Jr. - Biography by Antonia Felix

Wild About Harry: The Illustrated Biography of Harry Connick Jr.
Taylor Publishing (Trade Paperback, 1995)

.I loved whole family loved it!. .Harry Connick Jr.

.A thoroughly researched, fascinating book that fans will not want to miss . . . a great read!. .WDSU-TV .Morning Show. (New Orleans)

Silent Soul: The Miracles and Mysteries of Audrey Santo by Antonia Felix

Silent Soul: The Miracles and Mysteries of Audrey Santo
St. Martin.s Press (Hardcover, 2001)

.A thoughtful look at the intersection of faith and mystery.. .Publishers Weekly

.In this elegant work, Felix . . . investigates from all sides, relying on extensive interviews with theologians, psychologists, Church officials, and those who claim cures through Audrey.s intercession. . . . Felix weaves Catholic history throughout the book, and the section on victim souls is particularly elucidating..
.Catholic Digest

Christmas in America by Antonia Felix

Christmas in America
Todtri (Hardcover)

Spencer Christian's World of Wonder Series
John Wiley & Sons (Trade Paperbacks)


*Children.s Best Books of the Year list, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1997

.Quirky . . .  interesting and readable.. .Kirkus Reviews on Can It Really Rain Frogs?

.[The authors do] discuss dinosaurs, but they pale in comparison to some of the other nifty bits of information about fossils, rocks, and minerals that make this breezy introduction to earth science hard to put down.. .Booklist on Is There a Dinosaur in Your Backyard?

Prayers and Meditations for Children by Antonia Felix

Prayers and Meditations for Children
Todtri (Hardcover)

New York Post: Celebrating 200 Years

The Post's New York: Celebrating 200 Years of New York City Through the Pages of the New York Post
(editor/contributor) HarperCollins

A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition
(editor/contributor) HarperCollins

New York Times Bestseller

Gods and Generals: The Illustrated Story of the Epic Civil War Film

Gods and Generals: The Illustrated Story of the Epic Civil War Film
Newmarket Press

Windtalkers: The Making of the John Woo Film

Windtalkers: The Making of the John Woo Film
Newmarket Press

Pearl Harbor: Antonia Felix Editor and Contributor

Pearl Harbor : The Movie and The Moment
Newmarket Press